Hi, I am Anne Dove

I am 56 years young…

I am married and have been for over 28 years.  I know I am lucky as my husband is wonderful.  He helps me in all that I do and it doesn’t matter what or how wacky a scheme I am interested in, he is there for me and I am a person who is an all or nothing person.

We are partners, we look after each other and we have our precious Missie.  A 13 year old Border Collie cross who believes she is our child, and has convinced us she is.

I’m a lot over weight, have a few medical conditions including high blood pressure, aches and pains. But I have learned there is more to life than to focus on the doom and gloom about getting older. I take great joy in exploring ways to embrace the changes and new beginnings that life sends my way.

Why did I decide to create this website?

I know what it is like to be a newbie when it comes to the internet.  I remember trying to find information on a particular subject and getting information on stuff I did not want or need. Trying again and again and sometimes giving up in frustration or occasionally actually finding what I was look for.

After years of research – and a lot of hair pulling – I now believe I can help empower women in their lives and their businesses.

I’ll be exploring a lot of ideas and concepts in my blogs and sharing my real experiences and opinions along the way. your feedback, input and suggestions will be always welcome and appreciated.