I have spoken to a large number of women over the age of 45 regarding the challenges they are facing…

and will be facing as the years go on.  Women from all walks of life from working adults to women who have been stay-at-home mum either continuing to stay home after the children have left home to re-entering the workforce.  Some of the problems facing these women are depression, anxiety, feeling loss, isolation, ageing, divorce, retirement, filling your day after the children have left, weight gain, lack of motivation and so on and it can be really easy to fall into the trap of staying focused on the negatives…

I have found there is often a common flaw to “motivational” teachings which try to simplify solutions by saying things like …

“If you care enough for a result or solution, you will most certainly attain it”

While there is significant truth to that statement, I believe there is one hidden enemy which causes us to work against ourselves, and until we identify it, we unknowingly hold ourselves back no matter how determined we are and it is called – self-doubt.

With my site www.artoswoman.com and blogs, I will try to find ways to overcome self-doubt by empowering myself and others to be embrace and become the incredible women we were meant to be…  Here we will explore solutions and also develop directories and share events to show you that you are not alone.

The Copper Age Cure

When Africa and jewellery are mentioned, I see images in my mind of vast, wild and majestic landscapes and stirs an ancient  longing deep within my heart.  The cradle of civilisation holds in its mystique the beauty of an era that long ago faded but will never be forgotten.  Copper jewellery handmade in Africa offers [...]

Join me in taking charge of our lives NOW

Hi, I am 56 years old and time is fleeting and it will not last as long as we would like it to unless we take charge of our lives. Although it may seem like just yesterday you were raising your children, those years have passed and now they are raising their own children. But, [...]

IT WORKS! (seriously…)

The time is 6.30pm on Wednesday and I arrive at Sublime Nurturing Natural Therapies Centre to see a new product called IT WORKS Body Contouring.  I went with an open mind. After introductions and since I was to be the model or guinea pig, depending on how you look at it, I was ushered into [...]

Asthma – Does exercise help?

Having asthma doesn’t mean you should avoid exercise. On the contrary a good cardio workout has helped me.  I have been working with my personal trainer Jen Currie fitnessno1@gmail.com for over two months and I feel great. I also know that having a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit are important factors in managing my asthma [...]

Fighting off the dreaded ‘lurgie’… a-la-naturale…

While working on my website www.artoswoman.com.au I came down with the flu and my friends gave me some natural remedies that were given to them to get rid of the flu without conventional medications. I thought I would pass them on to you. Onion – Cut the top of an onion and place it in [...]