Join me in taking charge of our lives NOW

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Happy woman after empowering the mindHi, I am 56 years old and time is fleeting and it will not last as long as we would like it to unless we take charge of our lives. Although it may seem like just yesterday you were raising your children, those years have passed and now they are raising their own children. But, before we let any more time slip away, we need to start thinking of our future.

We cannot go back but we can implement changes NOW in our diet, exercise, mental health and financial health which will allow us to find the necessary tools to excel in our later years. If one thing is for sure, it is that you can make a difference in the quality of the rest of your days if you take charge now, without wasting any more time. Join me in making the changes.

Let us not kick ourselves for not implementing the changes before. We all had other priorities and now IS our time. We can all make changes today to make our lives better.

In fact, if you simply make a few of these changes today, you’ll be able to far exceed your goals fending off heart disease and even keeping Alzheimer’s at bay.

Every day that you implement positive change, is one more day that you have the ability to gain benefits. The sooner you start the more benefits you can obtain.

Why Should We Make Changes Anyway?

One of the largest in importance and probably the most difficult things to change is your mind.

Why can’t I just live the way that I want to today?

Why can’t I just eat the foods that taste good and live the life that I am living?

What’s going to happen if I do this for one more day, month or year?

You may not realize it, but each of these things can and will lead you to a premature death. Living one more day eating foods that are unhealthy will lead to the increased risk of heart disease. Living one more day with not getting enough sleep, not relieving stress and not getting the exercise you need, leads to disease and an immune system that can’t keep up with you.

Living one more day as you like, takes off more time at the end. Is that really what you want?

There is good news, though. Most of the damage that you’ve done to your body can be reversed if you are willing to change now and are dedicated to making the changes happen. With just a few minutes of care to your lifestyle each day, you can get back the time you may have possibly lost. Don’t think that it has to be forever, because if you can change your mind, you can get it back those extra healthy years.

What’s To Change?

You don’t have to live a life that’s super “clean” and yes, you can make mistakes, eat that fatty hamburger and still watch realty television if it makes you happy. But, the goal that should be realized is that these things should be done in moderation.

There are many things that you should take into consideration as being things to change. Here are a few of the most important considerations that you may have to make changes in.

1. Your Diet: Giving your body the nutrients it needs is vitally important to living as long as possible. Not only do you need to put good things in, but you need to get the bad things out. Giving your body the tools it needs to make this happen is important to living longer.

2. Your Brain. Stimulation to the brain needs to be on going. With the population’s number of Alzheimer’s cases expected to drastically increase with the Baby Boomer generation, it is virtually important that you provide the tools necessary to curb this if possible.

3. Your Finances. It is expected that in the next five years, more than 50 percent of those that enter retirement will not be able to support themselves but will rely on family, Social Security as well as charity. Is your financial future set for retirement?

4. Your Physical Fitness. It is critical that your body be physically fit. That means that the 2/3rds of the population is overweight or obese needs to take heed. Heading into your later years with this type of physical problem will definitely shorten your life span.

5. Your Lifestyle. Getting social interaction, being happy, and less stressed are all key ingredients to a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you don’t incorporate these types of interactions into your life, you loose mental alertness and your quality of life is just not what is should be.

Each of these five things can be changed in simple ways and in large ways to help you to prepare for the later years of your life. In fact, no matter where you are in your life, developing your own future is something you have the ability to change.

Giving yourself an opportunity to excel is something you must do and you need to begin making the changes now. The good news is that we’ve broken it all down for you into a simple guide that will transform your life for the future. If you wait, you waste your future. Let’s start building a quality life.

I will be talking about my implementation of the five areas Diet, Brain, Finances, Physical Fitness and Lifestyle to ensure I will live longer, happier and alert life. I will also be giving a step-by-step method to change your life for the better. Please leave your feedback ……………