Coping with changes like empty nesting or adult children in your home, preparing for a happy retirement, or even finally becoming a grandparent – these changing dynamics all play a huge role in your own sense of self.

It’s very easy for your spirit to feel rather battered and bruised as you struggle with so many changes over these years so it’s important to recognise this and to find ways to celebrate the changes rather than suffer them.

As the children grow up and move out – what do you do with all the new time and space you’ve got? How do you cope with not being constantly needed after all these years? Or maybe they’re staying at home but are very independent - how do you adjust to treating them as adults when you still worry about them like you did when they were kids.

And what about becoming a grandparent…  this can really knock your socks off when after all these years you discover there is a whole other kind of love you’d never encountered before. And of course you then have to work your way through the minefield of working out how much help you can give before it’s too much and how much spoiling you can do before you are pushing boundaries.

Even the intimacy and affection in your closest and most loving relationship goes through changes as your lifestyle (and body) change.

And what about impending retirement – this was one of my biggest motivators because I was terrified of my mind going stagnant and there is only so much travel you can do in a year– so I set about establishing a home based business to keep me occupied and vital.

What are your plans? Are you excitedly planning long awaited joint activities with your partner or do you plan to finally establish your independence or a lovely balance of both? With greater life expectancies to contend with you could have quite a long time to fill

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