The Copper Age Cure

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When Africa and jewellery are mentioned, I see images in my mind of vast, wild and majestic landscapes and stirs an ancient  longing deep within my heart.  The cradle of civilisation holds in its mystique the beauty of an era that long ago faded but will never be forgotten.  Copper jewellery handmade in Africa offers a means to see into that distant age by taking the traditional and adding a touch of modern edge.Animals of African

As far back as 500BC, copper and brass jewellery has been used by Africans for self-adornment and decoration. I am offering from my website a look at some similar styled pieces recapturing the very spirit of this majestic continent.  All this beautiful jewellery is handmade including burnishing and heat-treated to create the earthy colours that show its uniqueness.

Inspired by the Ndebele culture, this copper jewellery captures the allure of ancient Africa by mixing the traditional with modern simple yet complex, giving you a truly ethnic feel.

Health Benefits

You take your vitamins, but do you get enough copper? I know I do not and I was amazed after doing this research how much I did not know about copper. I wear the copper jewellery because it looks great and is truly unique but there are a lot more benefits as I found out.  Research shows you can’t live without copper and that copper is becoming the latest anti-ageing skin saver.

The Essential Mineral

From bracelets and rings to neck chains, copper has long been used to ward off aches and pains.  Did you know that you consume copper every day and that you cannot survive without it?  When you lack copper you are more prone to anaemia, heart disease and arthritis.  When your copper levels are adequate, your cells are better able to produce energy and detoxify free radicals that are released in your body during normal cell metabolism and when you absorb chemicals from cigarette smoke and pollution.

Studies have shown that a lack of copper can also accelerates ageing.  By contrast, topically applied, copper stimulates cellular activity and production of collagen and elastin, keeping you looking younger for longer.
As a result, it is increasingly being included in skincare products like the Neutrogena Visibly Firm with Active copper range.


How does Copper help your health?

Copper helps if you have  cuts and grazes as copper can stimulate the production of collagen and can help wounds heal faster.  Copper can help if you are trying to fall pregnant as copper is essential for embryonic development, helping to form blood vessels, strengthen muscles and add elasticity to skin. Copper helps if you are at risk of developing arthritis as an Australian study showed three in four
arthritis patients have less joint pain when they wore a copper bracelet.  The bracelets actually become Copper helps if you are at risk of heart disease as low copper intake is linked to high cholesterol and
thickening of the arteries.  Copper helps if you are anaemic as the copper can help your body absorb iron more easily.

Copper jewellery has been used to improve health since the mineral was first discovered shortly after 8700 BC. In the form of jewellery, copper heals by reacting to your perspiration (a green colour appears on your skin and on the jewellery) and is being absorbed through the skin.  Copper jewellery is also used by arthritis sufferers as a way to relieve pain.  Alternative healers believe that its properties help to cleanse the aura or energy field
that surrounds you.

Copper’s bacteria killing properties have also been known for many years and a recent study demonstrated that pathogens like the polio virus and E.coll are inhibited by contact with copper. Copper-based pans, brass door knobs and plates (about 75% copper); have been found to reduce cross contamination in hospitals.

Please checkout the African Jewellery in the Shop section of . If you decide you like the look of the jewellery but would like a closer look, email me and we could arrange a private viewing in your home.  The private viewing could be a one on  one or a group viewing with the hose getting some free African Jewellery.